Police in Florida are taking steps to prevent an elderly man from leaving his new home.

A woman told police Monday that a man had tried to enter her house, but the door was locked, the Jacksonville Sun reports.

The man told officers that he and his wife had left their home in the 600 block of Northeast 19th Street on Saturday morning and were walking to their car.

They stopped and he asked them what was wrong.

The woman said that she didn’t see anything wrong with the door, the Sun reports, and she didn, too, believe the man.

She said the man said he’d locked the door and had gone inside to retrieve his phone and keys.

He then began to make threats, the paper reports.

The man then called police, who called the sheriff’s office to report the incident.

The sheriff’s department received the call around 4:30 p.m.

Monday and was able to quickly determine the man was not a threat, according to the paper.

The Sheriff’s Office will hold a news conference Monday to discuss the incident, which was captured on surveillance video, the news outlet reports.