More than 40 people have been arrested after a series of lockdowns in Sydney’s inner west.

Key points:Security guards are now being used to monitor boat owners, and there have been no reports of attacksThe lockdowns are being carried out in response to an increase in boat arrivalsThe lockouts have been condemned by boat owners who say they are putting their lives at riskThe lockdown measures have been criticised by boat owner groups who say it is creating unnecessary disruption on the river, which has seen boat arrivals increase in the past few weeks.

The lock downs are part of a national response to the increase in boats entering Sydney harbour from New Zealand, the country of origin of the first wave of boat arrivals in June.

The locks are being run by the NSW Maritime Safety Authority (MSA), which has a mandate to keep boats on the water.

The measures have seen security guards deployed to check the boats at a rate of two people a minute, while the locks are monitored by boat operators on board, and a crew of six people on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

Some boat owners have welcomed the new measures, but say it does not go far enough.

“I’m not really happy with this.

I think this is a really stupid way to go about things,” said Paul Wiebe, a boat builder in Sydney.

He said he was also concerned about the potential for people to slip out of the locks and into the river without being caught, adding that it was difficult to control the people in the lockdowns.

“It’s a very big problem,” Mr Wiebbe said.

“If they can do it for a day, why can’t they do it every day?”

It will be a lot of trouble if they can’t get the boat out, so we’ve got to get the boats out.

“The MSA said it had received no complaints from boat owners about the locks being used.

The NSW Government has confirmed it will be reviewing the security arrangements.

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