Posted April 05, 2018 05:50:00 A locked outswing doors latch allows you to lock out of the swing without a Key Code.

The key can then be programmed to open and close the latch without having to unlock your door.

The key is attached to the latch with a wire.

KeyLock uses a magnet to attach to the outside of the door, but that magnet is magnetic to the wire, which is not always present.

When a person enters the door they have to push the key on the door latch and push the magnet against the wire.

This causes the wire to rotate and cause the magnet to snap back onto the latch, thus opening the latch.

The magnet is also magnetically conductive.

Once the door is opened, it is locked.

This means that you can’t use the key to unlock the door.

KeyLock locks are available at many hardware stores.

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