In an effort to protect you from falling rocks, some people use a balcony door lock as a sort of self-defence.

But a new study has found that a balcony lock may be more effective than some of the more common home remedies.

The National Research Council’s study, which is published in the journal Preventive Medicine, looked at the impact of balcony door-lock designs on the safety of outdoor activities.

It found that, if properly installed, the locks can significantly reduce falls, even in an urban setting.

“If you look at the lock design, the more advanced design would have the greatest impact on reducing the probability of falling,” said study author Dr Joanna Smith, a research scientist at the Australian National University’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

But, she said, balcony door locking could also be an effective deterrent if it’s not properly installed.

Dr Smith said balconies had the ability to be designed to make it harder for people to fall and that balconies were often used in combination with other safety measures.

The researchers looked at a series of balcony locks used by different countries, including Japan, Germany, Sweden and the US.

In Australia, balcony doors are usually fitted with a metal mesh screen that can be raised to make them harder to climb over.

But this can only do so much, and the mesh screen may not be able to be raised sufficiently to allow a person to climb down the balcony.

“So the idea is, if you have a balcony that is quite a long, and it’s very high, you can still get around the balcony but if you’re not a very tall person, you may be able only to get a small amount of height,” Dr Smith said.

“There are lots of different ways of lowering the height, and this is one of them.”

Boulder locks, on the other hand, are a very easy way to make sure that if you do fall down, you’re going to get somewhere safe.

“Dr Smith added balcony door opening was one of the most commonly-used measures, but not always a successful one.”

In terms of actually being able to get down there and open the door, that’s the most common use.

But it’s really, really difficult to get someone down from the balcony.

“Dr Sarah Harkness, a physical therapist at the National Health and Medical Research Councils Centre for Injury Prevention and Control, said balcony doors were also a good option for reducing the risk of falls.”

You can easily get into your own balcony with your own door unlocked,” she said.

In addition to reducing the possibility of falling, balcony locks are also used as a way of making people more aware of the risks of falling.”

It’s important that you are aware of what you’re doing, and don’t let someone you trust get in the way,” Dr Harknesses said.

She said balcony door unlocking could also help people with anxiety disorders who may have difficulty with social interaction.

Dr Harkess said balcony lock installation could also assist people with mobility problems.”

Because it’s locked, it’s basically impossible to get into someone’s balcony without them seeing you,” she explained.”

The way it works is that you have to open the latch and then you lock your feet to the ground so it’s extremely hard to get up into the balcony from the floor.

“And then you have the added benefit that if someone falls, they have to have a ladder up there to get them up.”

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