A lot of people want to unlock their car doors with their door lock but they’re not quite sure how.

And many have a little bit of trouble figuring out which lock to use to get them open.

The good news is, if you follow these steps, you can unlock your car door with your door lock and never have to worry about it again.1.

Open the car door.

If you’re in a hurry, open the door with the handle on the left.

If it’s on the right, open it with the left handle.

You can use either lock for both doors.2.

Open car door lock with your finger.

Use your thumb to slide the right side of the lock out.

The left side should be the first part of the door handle.3.

Pull door handle out of car door, but don’t remove it completely.

You’ll want to gently lift the handle and then slide it out of the way to unlock the door.4.

Slide door handle back into car door and open door.5.

Pull handle out, and slide the left side back into the door for the next lock.

If the door is on the center side, slide the door open.6.

Pull off the handle, and open the car’s door.7.

Pull car door open and lock door.

If you have a hard time pulling the car key from the door lock or having the key slide out when the door closes, try this trick:Push a plastic plate through the opening, but not through the door opening.

The plate should slide out without opening the door completely.

Then, slowly slide the key into the keyhole.

Repeat this process for all four lock tabs on the door and unlock the doors.

If your car has two locks on the front and the other lock on the back, you’ll want the other locks on both sides of the car.

You might need to remove the other two locks if you have them.