You probably know how to make a door lock and you probably already know how much money you’ll save by having one in your home.

However, if you don’t, here’s a list of DIY metal door lids and locks that you can buy at Home Depot.1.

DIY door lock with an adjustable door hinge3.

DIY wooden door lock4.

DIY metal latch with metal hinges and metal hinges lock5.

DIY hinge-locked door lock6.

DIY adjustable metal door door lock7.

DIY metallic door lock8.

DIY hinges and door locks9.

DIY lock-and-key lock10.

DIY gate lock11.

DIY plastic door lock12.

DIY latch and hinge lock13.

DIY sliding door lock14.

DIY double door lock15.

DIY swinging door lock16.

DIY garage door lock17.

DIY porch door lock18.

DIY backyard door lock19.

DIY front door lock20.

DIY side door lock21.

DIY back door lock22.

DIY open-air lock23.

DIY wall lock24.

DIY ceiling fan door lock25.

DIY barbed door lock26.

DIY closed-air door lock27.

DIY window lock28.

DIY fence-post lock29.

DIY curtain lock30.

DIY wire-wrap lock31.

DIY latch32.

DIY brass latch33.

DIY steel door lock34.

DIY locking door lock35.

DIY locked door latch36.

DIY swing door lock37.

DIY electric fence-piston lock38.

DIY wood fence-pole lock39.

DIY solar-powered fence-pin lock40.

DIY air conditioning unit lock41.

DIY security gate lock42.

DIY battery-operated gate lock43.

DIY alarm clock lock44.

DIY home security system lock45.

DIY smoke detector lock46.

DIY surveillance camera lock47.

DIY noise cancelling device lock48.

DIY sprinkler system lock49.

DIY gas pump lock50.

DIY pressure-plate lock51.

DIY electrical outlet lock52.

DIY digital camera lock53.

DIY microwave lock54.

DIY TV remote control55.

DIY wireless remote control56.

DIY Bluetooth remote control57.

DIY remote control wheel58.

DIY GPS navigation wheel59.

DIY compass wheel60.

DIY temperature sensor wheel61.

DIY proximity sensor wheel62.

DIY thermostat wheel63.

DIY smart-home hub64.

DIY Wi-Fi remote control65.

DIY lightbulb remote control66.

DIY motion sensor remote control67.

DIY speaker remote control68.

DIY camera remote control69.

DIY flashlight remote control70.

DIY heat sensor remote command71.

DIY car radio remote control72.

DIY cell phone remote control73.

DIY portable power source 74.

DIY weather forecaster remote control75.

DIY outdoor light sensor remote function76.

DIY waterproofing pad remote function77.

DIY cordless drill remote function78.

DIY cable tie remote function79.

DIY drill remote remote function80.

DIY vacuum cleaner remote function81.

DIY motorized snow shovel remote function82.

DIY lawn mower remote function83.

DIY ice cream maker remote function84.

DIY garden tractor remote function85.

DIY wheelie bike remote function86.

DIY bicycle remote function87.

DIY dog sled remote function88.

DIY camping stove remote function89.

DIY snowmobile remote function90.

DIY honda motorcycle remote function91.

DIY scooter remote function92.

DIY hoverboard remote function93.

DIY kayak remote function94.

DIY mini quadcopter remote function95.

DIY skateboard remote workstation96.

DIY quadcopters remote workstations97.

DIY skydiving helmet remote workroom98.

DIY bike helmet remote Workstation99.

DIY mountain bike remote Workstations100.

DIY flying saucer remote worktower101.

DIY balloon remote workstore