Google says the company will begin allowing users to choose whether to store their passwords in the cloud or on their phones.

In a blog post published Tuesday, Google said the new feature, which will be available for all Android smartphones starting in late June, will allow users to select whether they want their passwords stored on their phone or in Google’s cloud.

The new feature is aimed at helping Google keep users secure from hackers, it said.

Google also announced that the company has signed an agreement with Apple, a move that could result in a new generation of Apple products being made by the company.

The announcement came just weeks after Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, told The Wall Street Journal that the tech giant has “no plans to make Apple products or services.”

Pichai added that the new privacy feature will allow Google to improve the security of its apps and services and offer users the ability to control which apps and sites get their data.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said last week that Apple will make iPhones with security features that Google can’t provide.