Palestinian activists have announced a new campaign against Israeli products, calling for a boycott of all Israeli goods.

In a statement on Facebook, the Fatah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called for a “total boycott” of products from Israeli companies, including agricultural products, cement, rubber, rubber products, and other Israeli goods, as well as products from other Arab countries.

Palestinian activists, who call themselves the Popular Action for the Support of the Palestinian People, announced their boycott of products made by the Israeli company Beit El, saying that the company is “in collaboration with the occupation” and “has ties to the Israeli occupation.”

Beit el manufactures the rubber used in Israeli vehicles.

The group said that BeitEl is the biggest Israeli company with the largest amount of production of rubber in the world.

The Palestinian BDS movement also launched a new initiative called “Palestinian Products for Peace,” which calls for boycotting Israeli products.

The new initiative is a response to a series of incidents in which Israeli soldiers used pepper spray and tear gas against protesters.

The groups has also launched an online petition calling for boycotts against Israeli companies.