Broken door locks in South African cities are a popular form of security, with many businesses offering a service where the lock can be activated remotely.

The key is embedded in a piece of wood or metal.

A person in charge of the lock activates the lock, and the door is unlocked.

In a statement on the company’s website, the company said: ‘Bada door locks are a common sight in the suburbs and towns of South Africa, and are now being increasingly popular in urban areas.’

Bada doors are not as easy to break as many people imagine.

It is not uncommon for the key to be embedded in the lock and can be seen by anyone walking by the door.

If the key is missing, the lock will lock automatically, but the locks can be broken in two ways.

One is to have a burglar enter the house through the back door and break the lock.

Alternatively, the person could leave the door unlocked.

The company is also selling a keyless lock, which is similar to a traditional key.

There is also a door lock that can be used to lock doors.

This locks the door when a person enters or leaves the house.

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