A woman who won her battle to be able to wear the bikini in a public swimming pool in London was thrilled to see it again.

The 24-year-old, who has spoken out about her ordeal, posted an Instagram video with the caption: ‘A few weeks ago I went swimming in London and I had the privilege of going to a public pool.’

As I was sitting in the pool with my partner, I noticed this huge woman on top of me.

She wasn’t wearing any bikini.

She had a bit of a fishnet top on and was wearing a black bikini top that covered up her breasts.’

So I thought, “This is a girl who’s wearing a bikini”, and I thought: “I can’t let this go to waste”.’

I wanted to say thank you to her, because I’m really grateful for her.

She’s an amazing person.’

When her partner tried to stop her from swimming, she was threatened with physical violence.’

I was told to shut up or I’d be arrested.

But I kept swimming because I wanted to show them that you don’t have to be afraid to swim in public.’

In the end, she asked for my phone number so that I could be contacted if I was in any danger, but I just wanted to be there for her.’

The Londoner posted the video on social media on Monday, and has been flooded with messages from friends, family and strangers.’

It was really important to share the video and show the power of women wearing body-revealing clothing, especially in public,’ she said.’

When you see women in their underwear and swimsuits and people getting attacked, you just want it to stop.’

That’s why I was so inspired by this woman who is standing up for her rights and being treated with respect.’

To show that if you’re wearing a body-concealing swimsuit, you are safe to go out in the water, that there’s no fear of you being attacked.’

It’s not the first time that London has seen women wearing the bikini.

In January, Londoner Kourtney Hager was arrested after her bikini-clad body was filmed being taken down by a man who was filming her.

In November, an 11-year old girl in Germany was detained for wearing a swimsuit while riding a bike.