New aluminium door locks will be available to lock doors on a more affordable and safer price point, according to the makers of the technology.

Aluminium door locks are one of the biggest technological leaps forward to date in the locks industry.

They allow for a much lower risk of being opened than current locks, and are currently being used by thousands of locksmiths in Australia and overseas.

The new lock designs are said to be lighter, more robust and more secure than current models, but cost significantly less.

The lock manufacturer, Australian locksmith and locksmith, Lock and Load, has been developing aluminium door locking systems for over 20 years.

It was the first manufacturer to release a commercially viable aluminium door-lock in Australia, and is still building its own aluminium door security locks.

“It’s a very new industry, so it’s going to take a while for a lot of things to settle down,” Lock and Lock managing director, David Condon, said.

“We’ve had some very successful prototypes, but it’s not something that we are planning on going out and manufacturing.”

Mr Condon said the aluminium door safety lock was designed to provide a safe alternative to existing lock designs.

“You can lock your doors, but if you want to lock your garage door, you’re not going to be able to do it,” he said.

Mr Congo said the lock designs were being developed to reduce the cost of locking doors, and reduce the number of locks needed.

“For example, if you’re locking a door and the garage door is locked, you need to go to the garage to unlock the garage,” he explained.

“So if you had a lock that is designed to prevent this, it could be cheaper to go back to the door and lock the garage.”

That’s the whole idea behind it.

“A new generation of aluminium door alarmsThe Lock and Pack alarm is one of a number of innovative alarm systems being developed by Lock and Loading.

Mr and Mrs Condon have been working on the product for a number from six months.”

I’ve been doing this for over two years,” Mr Condon explained.

He said the new alarm technology would be manufactured in the Australian manufacturing base, which would allow for higher quality and greater cost efficiency.”

The biggest thing is, we don’t have to worry about getting quality control,” Mr Mondon said.

He also said the alarm would be able, once installed, to be switched on or off using the door lock.”

Our current alarm is a bit of a novelty, and the key thing is we want people to enjoy the door, but at the same time we want to make sure that the door is safe,” Mr Kavanagh said.

A number of existing alarms have been sold in Australia over the years, but they are not compatible with the new Aluminium Door Lock, and do not allow access to the lock.

Mr Mondon explained the Aluminium Bar alarm would allow access only to the locksmith or the lock owner, while the Alum door alarm would not allow a user to open a door.”

When the door unlocks, the alarm goes off and locks the door,” he told

Mr Kavanah said he was confident the new product would be a success, despite some technical challenges.”

This product is designed for safety, it’s a great idea, but we need to have the right kind of engineering,” he stated.”

A good door lock is a good lock, but this product is going to give people a better lock.

“Mr Mowns has been working for Lock and Plow for more than 20 years, and has developed the company’s patented Alum Door Lock alarm technology.

He has also designed a number other alarm products, including a door locking system for lock pickers.