Emergency door-locks come in many different types, with a wide variety of designs and sizes, and with different designs that can work for different situations.

For instance, there are door locks that can be installed on the outside of the door, or on the inside, so that when a person opens the door they’re not accidentally opening the door to the inside.

Then there are lock designs that are designed to lock doors that are a bit more narrow than the outside door, so they can be more easily installed on doors that don’t have a very wide opening.

In some cases, there’s even a design that is designed to make it so that the inside door can be unlocked by simply pushing the door open.

There are also several types of door locks designed for different types of emergency situations, and some of those designs are not designed to be locked when someone’s inside.

That means you can choose a design for an emergency situation where someone might be walking down the street and they’re locked out of their home, but there’s no way to lock the door and leave the person out of the house.

That’s why some of the brands that we’ve mentioned above are a little more difficult to find.

In fact, the ones that we listed below are more difficult than the ones you might have seen on TV or in the news.

The main thing that you need to know about door locks is that they’re designed to work in various emergency situations.

They’re designed so that you can’t just lock a door and say, “Hey, let’s see what’s in here.”

It takes a lot of thought to make sure that the door locks are as safe as they can possibly be, so if you’re a lock expert, you’ll know what to look for when you’re shopping for a door lock.