A new feature is being rolled out by the Dublin Post Office which will allow you to lock your door using a simple gesture.

The system will be rolled out across all the post offices in the country and will be available from 10pm today.

The gesture is an app, and the new feature will be offered on select mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

“The new gesture is not yet available to everyone.

It’s available to users in the Dublin area, but not to those in other parts of the country.

If you’re a person with an older device, the new gesture will be in the App Store and you can sign in to use it,” a spokesperson for the Dublin City Post Office said.”

It’s a great feature for people who don’t have access to a mobile phone or tablet and don’t want to have to physically open the door, but it’s also very handy for people with an iPhone or an Android tablet.”

The new feature allows you to tap the “Open” button in the app.

Once you’ve unlocked the door using the new option, you can also choose to receive a “lock alert” via text message or through a “pre-fetch” option in the mobile app.

There is no fee to unlock the door but a small amount of money will be charged.

You can also add your own PIN to the app so you can unlock your door yourself if you have a key and a door key.

“You’ll also be able to add your name, address and mobile number to the lock alert.

That way you can be notified if you open the wrong door,” the spokesperson added.

The new system will only work if the door lock is already activated in the home and not at the post Office.

The spokesperson said the new system was not available in the entire city of Dublin.

“This new feature was developed to be a solution for a specific group of customers.

It is not available for all people, however, and it may be difficult to reach the right people if the technology is not in place.

If a person doesn’t have a door lock in their home, they may be able only to unlock doors via a key, or a combination of keys,” the statement said.

The app, which will be accessible to users with a smart phone or iPad, has been available for download on the app store for some time.

It was released to developers earlier this year and it has been praised by many users.