Posted September 25, 2018 10:24:53A black digital door locks can be set to unlock the door when you’re out and about, but if you want to keep your lock when you come home, here are a few tricks you can try.

A door lock with a black exterior will always be the most secure and the most expensive option, according to the National Insurance Institute.

You’ll need a strong key that is easily accessible.

A locking mechanism that allows you to unlock and lock the door, or a sliding door that locks the door behind you.

You can get an inexpensive locking mechanism like the LockSmart lock that will work with a smartphone app, according the National Lockmiths Association.

You may also need to install a safety pin to lock the key.

A keychain that you can carry with you when you go out.

A simple keychain will keep your key in your pocket and your keys away from your pocket.

A sturdy locking ring that locks your door when the door is unlocked and can be easily removed when you return home.

You can also make your lock bigger with a plastic ring that has a rubber ring around it.

A good option for a small, inexpensive door lock is the KeyLock ring, which costs around $10 on Amazon.

You could also buy a keychain lock that is waterproof and comes with a lock.

Another option for this is a ring of silicone that has an internal loop that can be fitted into a lock and used to lock doors, according To Lock Them All.

If you’re looking to upgrade your locks, check out the following links to get some tips to make your locks more secure: