A father in Ohio has said he “feared for my son” because he didn’t allow his son to enter his home when the doorbell rang.

The father, who asked not to be identified, told ABC News the boy went into the kitchen and was confronted by two older men who asked him for a key to the lock.

He said his son refused and left the home, and then the man allegedly hit him with a rock.

The man, who has since been charged with child abuse, said the door lock was not unlocked, and that he had “never been afraid” of the door because it is “not bolted down.”

“I was scared for my life,” the man told ABC.

“Because he was not in the room.

I didn’t know what happened.”

He said he has since locked the door with a metal padlock and told his son, “You need to keep that door locked.”

The man said he would not allow his children to go to school alone, and he has asked the authorities to file a missing persons report.

The case remains under investigation.