The adorable cat, known only as Lala, is getting life-saving surgery after she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that leaves her with an extremely rare, genetic condition called a congenital cataract.

The adorable cat is getting a surgery to remove the genetic defect in a procedure that will save her life, according to TMZ.

Lala was born with a condition called congenital glaucoma and will require a surgery that is the only one in the world to remove her genetic defects.

The surgery will take place on Wednesday, April 13.

Lala was a popular pet for many years and was even named the “Pets of the Century” in 2012.

The cat was adopted by a local animal shelter that specializes in animals who suffer from the condition.

“We’re extremely proud of Lala.

She is a very special little person.

She’s a cat with a heart of gold and she loves everyone,” Ashley Lopes, the owner of the animal shelter, told TMZ.

The surgery will allow Lala to live an entirely normal life.

Lopes said the cat is in a medically induced coma for the first time since the surgery was performed in June.

The vet, Dr. David Wierzbicki, said the surgery is necessary to remove some of the tumor in her eyes, which will allow her to see and move her arms and legs normally again.

Lamps are being installed to help Lala’s eyes with light.

Lapsus is an American specialty cat medicine company, and Lapsus CEO Mark Stumpf told ESPN that the cat will be able to walk again after the surgery.

Lapsuss is working to develop a new therapy that will help Lapsuses eyes and help her regain her mobility.

The owner of LapsUS, Dr J. Peter Jones, said that Lala will need a total of four surgeries, but that the surgery will be performed in two weeks.

The first operation is expected to be done on May 5.

“She’s very lucky to be alive.

This is a devastating diagnosis and a life-altering surgery for Lala,” Jones said.