If you’re having trouble unlocking a pet’s door, it’s likely your pet needs a locking pet door door lock.

But in the case of a locked pet door, you may be better off calling a pet shop.

Pet shop owners often have an incentive to stock pet door locks to deter theft.

But that’s not always the case.

Pet store owners can be fined if they don’t stock pet doors, which are often sold as part of a pet shopping spree.

“We see that there’s a lot of pet stores that are stocking pet doors,” said Melissa Dolan, president and CEO of PetSmart.

“They’re selling pet door keys and pet door handles, and those are really common in pet stores.”

Dolan said PetSmart has a number of pet store owners who purchase pet door key locks, pet door hinges, pet doors for their cats, dog and horses and pet doors as a way to make money.

But she said pet store owner liability insurance is usually waived if a pet store doesn’t stock a pet lock.

“If a pet owner chooses to buy a pet key lock, they’re still covered by pet store liability insurance,” she said.

If you need help getting a pet locked or unlocked, contact a pet insurance company.

Dolan suggested you contact your local pet insurance agent to ask about their pet store policies.

“Pet insurance policies are often tailored to the type of pet that is being purchased and the insurance company will look into what’s being offered,” she added.