article Google recently announced the Google Door Lock, a device designed to keep your doors locked for a set period of time, using a pair of Bluetooth speakers and a magnet.

Now, Google is adding another feature to the product, and it’s going to be really useful to some.

The Google Door Unlock, as its named, will be available for download for just $49.99.

You’ll need to pay $39.99 per month, and you’ll be able to purchase it in two tiers: Basic and Pro.

As mentioned above, the basic package includes the device, but you’ll also need a $40.99-per-month subscription to the Google Home app, which will let you control the device remotely, including the lock.

You can also purchase the Google Assistant as part of the package, which lets you perform some of the same functions as the Google Lock.

The Pro version will include a $50.99 subscription to a separate Google Home accessory, which includes the lock, the speaker, and the camera.

The Google Assistant is included in that package, too, but it will only be available in the Pro version of the Google Store.

The basic version of Google Home comes with a speaker that can be turned on and off using a remote control, and a built-in microphone.

It also has a built in LED light, which you can use to activate the speaker and dim the lights.

Google Home will also be available with a $30.99 wireless charging adapter that comes with two USB-C ports and a headphone jack.

The Pro version also includes a $29.99 “premium” version of Home that includes a dedicated Home hub, a dedicated audio hub, and an NFC port.

The two wireless charging options for the Google Assist are $29 and $29 per month.

You could easily pick the Pro option, which adds an NFC adapter to Home, and that adds a separate NFC charging pad to Home.

For now, you’ll need the Google assistant, but with more Google Home accessories coming out, you may want to consider getting that if you have a home with a lot of Bluetooth speaker wires.

Finally, the Pro package comes with three additional Google Home devices: a Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth microphone, and two NFC-compatible accessories.

These add-ons are also sold separately for $99.99 each.

These three additional products add another level of control to Google Home, allowing you to control the home from your phone, but also from your Android phone.

The ability to control your home remotely and from anywhere on the planet is a great addition to the system.