— If you’re the type of person who wants to leave the house early for a trip to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, you’re probably not going to want to use your Airbnb room to do it.

But it’s still possible.

Here are five simple tips to help you lock your Airbnb rooms.1.

Set the timer for your lock.

The simplest way to lock an Airbnb room is to set a timer for the lock to start, said Kristin McKeever, an agent for Airbnb in Washington.

You’ll be surprised at how many people have forgotten they locked the room, she said.2.

Make sure you check the lock.

If you don’t know the code, it’s a good idea to check the code on your lock, McKever said.

Airbnb has a list of hotel codes and hotel codes from major airlines, and you can get a hotel code by calling or texting the hotel you’re booking.3.

Use the code you want.

Airbnb offers a number of different hotel codes, Mc Keever said, and they may be more helpful to you than the hotel code.

If you’re going to be staying at a hotel, use the hotel’s code to check out the room.

If it’s from a different hotel, that code should be used on your booking.4.

Lock your room.

You may not have a key to unlock your Airbnb lock, but you can still lock it yourself.

McKeever suggested taking a lock tool and placing it under your door or window, which should be at least five inches away from the lock so it won’t be visible to guests.

You can also place the tool under the lock or the bed in the room or the lock in the corner.5.

Check the code before you lock.

You should check the hotel codes on your Airbnb booking before you book.

If there are changes, you can check the Airbnb code again to see if the hotel has changed it.

You can also check the codes at the airport, hotel or other point of entry.