Posted April 02, 2018 06:53:47A dog is known to love to walk past a locked door, and now a couple are getting a bit worried about it.CBC News found the pair of owners of a six-year-old Belgian Malinois mix had a bit of a rough go of it with their dogs’ door locks.

The dog owner told CBC News the lock was the wrong size, and the lock had a tendency to fall over, so they went to the local dog park and bought the locks that the dog had been requesting for months.

“We have been going to dog parks for about a year and we always wanted a locking dog door, but we never really got one.

The locks just never fit right,” said the owner.

The couple says the lock they purchased was too small, and that the keypad is a little too big for the dog to use.

“Our dog is really picky and likes to look for locks, but she is really fussy and would just go for the small one,” said Lori.

But they’ve heard from their dog about the lock being too large, so the couple decided to take matters into their own hands.

“It took us a little while to figure out the lock.

The dog did come over and ask for a smaller keypad and then when we got it, it fit perfectly and the key was right there,” said Amanda.

The locks were now in the wrong shape, and Amanda was worried the locks might fall over.

“The keypad wasn’t the right size.

It’s not like we’ve ever tried to lock doors in our house, but now we are really worried,” said her husband.

The lock was finally delivered to the couple, and when the couple got home, they noticed the locks were no longer locking the door.

“I’m actually pretty sad because I have this amazing dog.

She’s just a great dog, and she likes to run and jump around,” said Cindy.”

When I saw the key, she jumped in the bed and cried and jumped in her bed and then jumped out of her bed,” said Susan.

But now the locks are back in the right shape, as they’ve been replaced by a keypad.

And while it’s not their first experience with locks being damaged, they think it’s an example of the kind of care dogs should expect.

“Dogs are really sensitive, and they have a way of being really pickiest about things.

I mean, I’ve never seen that happen before with a lock.

It was just a bit disappointing,” said Ms. Hanson.

The owners are taking the locks down and hoping they can fix the problem once the lock is back in working order.